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Creative Springtime Stitching Projects to Try This Season"

Hi Members, my February month was a very busy one, after a busy show at the end of January. It begins with packing lots of orders, and again I really appreciate you support and lovely reviews, please if you have not done a review just visit my website and review your products as this makes me revise my products to make them better and affordable for you as a customer.

The Blue Dragonfly certainly flew out! I have just a few in stock, and when they are gone there will be now more.

My first workshops are in April, I will be teaching a taster workshop at West Point in Exeter on the 4th-6th April. It is the craft4crafters show, which showcases everything in crafts, paper, fabric and the latest products on the scene. If you are coming it will be lovely to see you there, if you want to book please visit the website page for the West Point Craft4carfters show, workshops and I am listed there, you will then receive a email for payment from me which is for £15, includes a kit to start and take home, ask lots of questions and tips with a tutorial by me.

Three new kits have been stitched this month, these will be on my Sewing Street show on the 19th March, however you can pre order your kit on my website.

These kits are mini makes, something quick and easy for you to achieve, someone who wants to try a new hobby or take it away on your summer travels, but more importantly they are so affordable for price, £17.99

Great for a gift in mind. Visit the website for your now, also again only a small stock will be available.

So , that is it for now, I don't know about you but all this rain is making winter seem longer, but all we can do is more sewing!


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