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Happy New Hobby....

Firstly just to say, Happy New Year! I hope you will have a healthy, safe and creative year ahead in 2024.

I have some exciting new events happening this year, and I am expanding as the years go by. I started in 2020, and had a show with Create and Craft, which I did regular shows for almost two years, selling small orders and designing wood blocks and kits in small batches.

One Year ago, I then started to work with Hobby Maker and later last year, with Sewing Street TV channel. Because you love my products so much, I was selling out fast on shows, so I have now increased my numbers of products to sell without compromise of the quality and price, meaning some of you wont be disappointed buying on Hobby Maker or Sewing Street, also more availability and choice on my website while trying to buy my new designs and products. This will give you a chance to buy my wood blocks and kits. I want to say a thanks for your continuing support and making my small company grow. I am so proud of my small company and I don't intend to grow too large! just enough to maintain the personal touches in a small business.

New Kits, New Concept...

I have six new kits, launching at the end of January, on Sewing Street, these are exclusive to Sewing Street. The new concept is a pre printed colour panel, ready for you to stitch with metal threads and embroidery threads. This give quilters and soft crafts sewing crafters lots of options and will make the Old Maid New brand unique in design as they are original painting by me, I am looking forward in creating this range with Sewing Street this year.

I have also designed wood carved blocks as I have been doing over the past three years, complimenting the painted designs and given another option for crafters, who like to to block print. On the Hobby Makers show on the 29th January at 3pm, lookout for the new rag papers packs and tote bags , to print onto with the three new block range.

Lookout for offers on the website as its Block Print Month on the website, and I will be posting on social media videos on Block Printing onto fabric and colouring the designs on fabric.

So I leave you now, with I hope lots of new creative projects for the start of 2024...

Maria Maidment.

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