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What Are the Hottest Summer Stitching Trends for the Upcoming Season?

Hello all my Goldwork lovers, I have been busy the last few months designing four new in trend Goldwork kits with embroidery twists. I will be showcasing and talking about the inspiration behind these new kits on Sewing Street TV on the 30th May at 9am.

They were originally paintings , and they have been printed onto a gorgeous white panama fabric. Honestly, stitch these on the fabric was a joy, and I have included the printed panels in the four kits with all the threads and materials you will need to create a master piece of your own.

If you cannot wait, then visit the website and purchase yours now at

This week I taught my second workshop in Exeter. The ladies in Cheriton Bishop were lovely and keen to learn the basics of goldwork embroidery. The stitched the popular Lavender Haze kit, which they all said how easy it was to stitch, as they all were total beginners. I was over whelmed with the kind comments about my teaching and proud of them doing so well.

As well as these new kits, I have three new colour range in Purl threads, All the Golds, All the berries and All the Blues. I have been generous in this range as now I am giving you 18" in lengths, that's another six inches! in each colour...for £6.99 a pack so lots of cutwork can be achieved in all your projects.

It summer, even if its wet why not try a kit or treat yourself to some ne projects. You can sew on the move while traveling, watching tennis or football and a rainy afternoon something to do. I have lots of new products and tips and ideas on the website.

I have lots of new events in the coming months as well as Sewing Street. All the Infomation is on the website. If you are in the area come along and say hello, I am also going to visit the Festival of Quilts show at NEC, and I have another show for the 6th August on Sewing Street. I am stitching new designs now for this show and yes, stitching in the sun for Christmas kits is strange...but I have to work at least three months in advance.

So I will be saying bye for now, until next time take care and enjoy your stitching..x


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