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Tis The Season to be Creative

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Hi members, its count down to the big day, I will be now making lots of my gifts this year and getting creative in my work room. I have a little inspiration for you all, a free download Christmas pattern selection, which is free by just visiting the website and go on the free download patterns ,go through checkout, its free then to download and print.

There is also some brand new wood blocks, , Meadow Flowers, Dutch Tulips and the Pretty Primrose.

These are exclusive to purchase now, as in January they will be launched on Hobby Maker on the 29th Jan at 3pm.

I am also doing shows on the 30th January at 8am, on Sewing Street, there is a list of dates on the website events page, and I will update you in the new year.

I have been enjoying the new samples, which I cant share at the moment, but its exciting as there is more new kits and new products, given you all affordable options as a sewing maker or crafter.

There is only a few festive kits left in stock and I am doing face to face shows this month and beginning of December, which I know will sell out after these events. So if you want them you need to buy now!

Just a few ideas for gifts or treat yourself, also I sell gift cards from £10 , which is a great idea for someone who wants to buy something they want.

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