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Those cosy nights

Hello, Its been a few months since I posted the latest news to you all. I have, as you know a busy summer, lots of different things going on in the business and my life.

I have so much I would love to do but I never seem to have the time, the company is getting busy, with admin and the day to day running, but I cannot complain as its fantastic that the orders are increasing along with your support so I want to say thank you for keeping Old Maid New a brand name and still going strong in my third year!

I am currently designing spring wood blocks, these are exciting large floral blocks which will be available from October for purchase and on Hobby Maker TV. I have three shows on the 2nd October on Hobby Maker at 4pm, and I am proud to announce on the 3rd October and 8am and 10am, I will be on Sewing Street for the first time with a new kit and the popular Goldwork taster Kit. I have been trying to show on Sewing Street for months so finally I hope this will increase the embroidery products I design.

Winter nights are drawing in, and its the time of year to start a craft project. I am designing a new range of embroidery kits, traditional designs with embroidery threads , ribbons and beads. So be on the lookout for those in the next few months.

I am also using my new floral bocks and colouring them on fabric, I will publish a video on my website and social media platforms for you too practice these new skills. I am also going to publish some easy to do work sheets so I can promote the ideas for you to have a go. I am passionate about education and want promote my skills as a specialist embroidery crafts person, for all to try these skills and methods I use.

Please visit the website to keep updated, and contact me if you need any advice or what you would like to see on my website.

Bye for now...

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