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Strange times...

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

If you are a crafter you know that you will always have your craft or hobby to turn to and take your mind off the tough times as being creative helps you get through...

As some of you know I try to create kits and products that are affordable and I am always looking at ideas for you.

I am also asking for your feedback please and wondered if you would like a Facebook live session.?...this would be once a month for us to meet up and discuss heritage embroidery sewing, goldwork embroidery or any projects you would like to do, we can craft along or just chat?

Please contact me on the website or email I can organise a evening or afternoon session.

Please state your preference for the time and date?

This will be fantastic to get together and I can even get a project to do for you.

On the 28th September at 2pm I will be on Create and Craft extra show and I have been busy designing 5 new kits and wooden blocks...gorgeous new products and ribbon packs as well as new out for further updates and posts.

It's starting to feel like the night's drawing a nice sewing project is great for something to why not have a go at starting a new kit or try some goldwork embroidery...there is lots of kits available on the website

Which are as low as £10...

Thanks for your company...hopefully will see you all soon x


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