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Shish...Don't Mention the C word...

Hello , Its June, and I have been busy designing and stitching my next collection of kits and fabrics. I am so sorry to let you know that I have been busy stitching Christmas!

I am going on Sewing Street on the 6th August, so designing for Christmas is so far in advance, I know that you are all eager to get stitching festive projects, as more and more of you are making gifts for friends or family, and some of you maybe making for craft fairs to sell.

I have designed two sets of festive projects on white cotton printed colour fabric which is perfect for quilting and stitching. The designs are original drawings and painted by myself.

The second set of designs, is inspired by wooden roundels from carved wood panels at Ham House. These are a set of four kits, on pre-printed cotton in line work and colour images, for you to embroidery with metal threads. The Mini Make kits are Elizabeth, Catherine, Anne and Sofia. Look out for the collection next month and at the launch show on Sewing Street.

It lovely at the moment, stitching in the garden when it is sunny, and using my lovely threads , you can visit the website for the latest new threads next month, there is some new ones coming soon. Some of you took the opportunity of the members 20 discount which I promoted via email. I will be running this again in August, so look out for the email.

If you need a project, please visit the website for some bargains, the older kits are with £10 off, great for present for someone or a quick project to take away on your holiday ,even in the garden.

I have low stock on the tree kits and mini makes, just a few left, and wood carved blocks. If you need anything just call or get in touch, and please share your pictures.

Bye for now,

Maria Maidment

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