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New Launch for a New Season

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have had a great summer; I can't believe that all of sudden Autumn is here. During the summer heat I have been busy designing new kits and wood blocks for you.

There are four new kits which are launching on Create and Craft on the 28th of September at 2pm. However, those who are members, get first peeks at my new products and get to purchase first and at discounted prices before the shows.

The new kits also include some new heritage stitching in goldwork and Stump work, so if you have never tried to do this, this new kit Lilly of the Valley will be perfect for you, as it's so simple in this kit for you to achieve. Look out for the videos on my education page on the website, as this will explain it in my video.

My new blocks are fantastic to compliment the products and kits. I am just finishing the patterns this week, so you can follow the patterns and use the block for printing onto your fabric stash, if you don't want to purchase a kit.

Lastly, I have 7 brand new colours in Purl threads and a new light gold wire, making my selection of threads on my website the largest collection in colours...which are great for spring florals.

Visit my website and contact me if you have any questions on kits or products,

Also, I am planning to do a get together on my Facebook Live page, please let me know when or times you would like? as I will do a monthly so we can get together and chat...

Bye for now


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