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New Ideas, New Places , its all new to me...

Hi everyone...Well cannot believe its July, and I have only been living in Devon for a few months. So much has happened over the last two weeks with shows on Hobby Maker for Christmas products, craft festivals and designing new products and kits. I honestly don't know which season I am in!

Its still summer, and I want to enjoy the next few months visiting places in Devon and Plymouth which is where I am currently. If anyone can give me some places to visit I will welcome them, just email me ...

Today I took the dog to be groomed, and I still cant get used to the roads and hills to climb, coming from Lincolnshire being so flat my legs are wondering why they are being worked to the full....

Still getting used to the area, I have now joined the Box Museum a art gallery and museum, which I hope to meet other volunteers who are creative, I did get invited to the private view exhibitions which are currently being shown, if anyone is in the area please visit its well worth it. On Monday I am going to a workshop session on framing the exhibition on Joshua Reynolds, who was from Plymouth in the 1700s a portrait artist who painted the rich and famous in the area and London.

I have been designing a new wood block range, which will be launched on the 7th August, and my guest from India will be joining me on Hobby Maker TV at 2pm. Before the show we are going to the NEC Festival of Quilts show, which I will be excited to visit and enjoy the experience for a change.

I have some new products on the website along with a new look website so you can find everything you need...please let me know what you think?

Enjoy the rest of the month and look out for products and discounts on the website,

Bye for now...x


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