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Getting Creative in Tough Times....

Firstly, Welcome to my new members and thank you for joining my site. This is my blogg which you will receive, you will be the first to know about offers and products.

Just to catch up and let you know some exciting events and shows will be taking place in January 2023. I have been busy making decorations and using my lovely Indian embellishments, which look great for Christmas and adorn your tree or table. There are so many ideas as seen below, making tree decorations or napkin rings, the materials used are from my website, it just takes imagination.

Kits are selling well, and I have re stocked the bestselling ones, which are now pre-printed fabric, with added threads and embellishments, I have put some new pricing on the kits, and they are now under £20 which saves on postage as it is free for orders over £20...take advantage of this offer as I am always trying to make it affordable for you all.

Now for the exciting news...

I have been busy designing new products in new areas, and those of you who know me from years back I used to be a parchment tutor for a well-known brand called Pergamano. My love of parchment has always been another craft I love, and it is also a heritage craft which fits my ethos in this company.

I have been working with a fantastic lady who has a company for a parchment brand, and I will reveal the name and new products along with the new launch on a TV channel in the new year. I have been creating a new idea on parchment paper along with some new designs for plates, it's so exciting i want to tell you more, but you will have to wait until 2023.

Some of you would have seen the new Toolbox Kit, it includes everything I use in Goldwork embroidery, and is only £19.99 at the moment. This kit is ideal for a gift or just to add to your sewing basics. The picture of the contents is above on this Blogg, visit the website for further information,

I have a craft fair this Sunday 4th December, at Burgess Hall in St Ives, Cambridgeshire it is my final one for this year but if you are in the area please come along and chat.

Well, I know its early, but I wish you all a good Christmas and New year and I hope you will continue to learn a new craft or hobby, thanks for your support


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