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Copy of New beginnings

Hi all, I have moved HQ to Devon, so it's a new location and new beginnings for me. I am going to be doing two booked face to face shows, in July at South Devon Railway festival and in August the Harrowbeer 40s weekend .

So looking forward to seeing you if you are in the area in Plymouth or Devon.

I have hobby maker shows next week on the 25th May at 1pm and 5pm, for the new launch of the Elizabethan Stamp set and the Jacobean Corner Stamp, along with popular kits. On June 27th at 3pm, is a really special week at HM ...can't reveal what it's about just yet, but it's exciting week for HM, and finally on

August 7th at 2pm is also a special show on wood blocks...with a special guest who will be joining me on the show all the way from India...

I have also booked in advance for the Newton Abbot quilting show next Feb 2024...this will be my first trade show.

So because of these events I am designing more new products, re boxing kits, and more. This is really exciting forme, so lots of new products to come and new beginnings for Old Maid New.

Phew, after unpacking and sorting out those boxes, the hard work begins 😅 here.

Keep looking at the website for events and show dates, set calendar for next week on the 25th May at 1pm and 5pm on Hobby Maker TV.

Bye for now


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