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Christmas in the Sun....

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

It always makes me laugh, designing Christmas in the sunny garden, then my designs are carved in India in the sun. The carvers work so quick, my wood blocks all made in one week. Such dedication and the workmanship so incredible, cutting those fine lines I draw and producing small batches, so that's why you should buy while stocks last.

They are made with a hard wood called "Shisham" which is water repellent, so can be used in all mixed media projects. I have now a good selection of designs on the website and will continue supporting the community in India. In August watch out for my block printing show on the 7th August at 2pm on Hobby Maker TV.

I will also be joined with a special guest from India, who is the founder of the company who manufacture's the products I sell on the website.

To complement the blocks, I have sourced the materials to produce a Festive materials box. This will contain materials for making decorations and gifts for your loved ones. It will also have a project sheet, with templates and guide you through being creative with the materials from the box. There is so much you can make, and impress friends, this will be launched on Hobby Maker TV on June 27th at 3pm.

please visit the website for your threads, essential materials and

Well I need to get back to my samples for the show in four weeks...

Stay Safe and take care,

Bye for now


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