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Busy October...Phew

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Hello everyone, firstly can we welcome our new members this month, we have 8 new members from my TV shows on Hobby Maker and Sewing Street. These were my busiest yet, I have been packing since my return and I just managed to sit down today and write this blog.

I am excited to tell you that I have two new wood carved blocks now available for purchase on the website as a early bird treat for you. As you know I only get small batches made, and I know some of you are disappointed in the sell outs, I have now increased the batches by another 20 only, so I hope you will be able to have more options for buying.

The two new blocks are from the wild wonders collection, and I am still designing another two block designs which will available at the end of this month once made. The Wild Primrose and the Dutch Tulips are large blocks, 5" x 5" in size, which are popular with you all.

I have also put a new video on the website, its on colouring on fabric, if you have purchased the floral bouquet wood block, its how to colour using the Inktence Pencils on cotton fabric. If you want to try this medium its a fantastic way to add colour to your sewing projects.

And Finally, lets not forget Christmas, lots of kits back in stock for gifts or to treat yourself to do something in the winter nights. I am also in the next few weeks putting a new kit on the website so look out for this kit, and I will be giving Black Friday deals in a few weeks, keep looking for the posts on my Face Book page.

Ok, back to designing....

Bye for now!


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