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A Gift for You.......

As a small business owner, I am always thinking of better ways to interact with my loyal customers who support my gorgeous company, which has grown for over three years. I cannot say this enough, a big thank you to you all for supporting me and also the lovely reviews I receive from you. If you haven't left a review, please do as this helps me to be at my best in customer care for you and feedback on my products will help me to revise the products and design them to be better.

So as of today, I have a loyalty reward programme , which is now live. As a member you will receive points to redeem for your favourite products. In January there is some new and exciting products, new fabrics, kits and blocks, along with craft essentials for printing your own craft products.

I have so many new products for you so please sign up as a member for the future rewards.

These new blocks will be launched on Hobby Maker TV on the 29th January at 3pm, along with other new products, hand made papers, for you crafters who love paper crafts.

You will also recognise these designs on Sewing Street launch on the 30th January, which will be exclusive to SS, and I will be sharing sneaky peeks for these new fabrics on social media.

You may recognise this drawing as its the wood block Floral Bouquet, I have been busy painting again so you will see more in the new year, there is a video available on the website on painting on fabric, so if you have the purchased bock have a go at colouring and stitching onto fabric, it so good...there is only a handful of this block in stock so please be quick.

So I will leave you all now to get back to the Christmas festive season, and please visit the website for new products and don't forget to start earning your points....Merry Christmas to you all and a happy 2024!!!

take care,


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